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How to Save Money on a Long Distance Move

Choose the Right Time to Move

It’s the perfect time to move house.

Flexibility is key for organizing a cheap long distance move. The more flexible you are in terms of possible moving dates and special requirements, the less money you will spend on your relocation.

Avoid the crowd

It’s no secret that moving company rates increase in direct proportion to outside temperatures.

So, if you need to move in midsummer (when most house moves in the country take place and moving services are in high demand), expect to be charged up to 25% more than when moving during off-peak season. If you can schedule your move somewhere between September and May, though, you will not only be able to save some money but will also have a much greater choice of available competent movers and convenient moving dates.

If possible, try to avoid national holidays and weekends as well – movers are always busier on these particular days which automatically results in higher moving costs.

Make sure help will be available

If you take into account your friends’ and family’s commitments and free time when scheduling your move, they will be able to help you with your moving preparations so you won’t have to pay for professional assistance. You will still have to pay a moving company to ship your items, but will save the money for extra services such as packing your goods, disassembling your furniture, etc.

Book Your Moving Services as Early as Possible

Just the right guys!

Hiring movers in the last minute is among the most expensive moving mistakes you can make. The further in advance of your move you secure a moving company, the better deal you’ll get.

So, book your chosen movers as soon as you have made your final choice in order to ensure your peace of mind and to spare your wallet.

• Moving long distance is quite expensive, so you need to take advantage of every possible way to save money on your relocation.

• Choosing the right time to move and finding cheap movers to help you relocate is crucial for reducing your moving costs.

• The surest way to save money on a long distance move is to lighten the load.

You can use various tricks to cut down your relocation costs when moving across the country.

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