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At Building Blocks Moving we provide our clients with a professional, reliable, and fairly priced relocation solution. Serving the Charlotte Metro area for 6 years, Building Blocks is one of the top moving companies in the region. We are proud members of the NC Movers Association and the Better Business Bureau. Building Blocks is fully insured and is regulated and licensed by the North Carolina Utilities Commission and USDOT.

"We take pride in our duty to provide relief and comfort during your transition, wherever life takes you. When you're starting fresh, let us carry the building blocks of your new foundation"


-Brian Rockecharlie

Owner, Building Blocks Moving


At Building Blocks Moving, we understand that finding the right home is just the beginning of the journey for your clients. The actual move can be a stressful experience - and that’s  where we come in! 


We started Building Blocks Moving in 2018 and love what we do.  The moving business has always checked all the boxes for us. Meeting new people, being outdoors, driving big trucks, it all fits our passion.  We've built a team of great movers that are enthusiastic about what we do.  We are proud to help our clients out with great service day in and day out with teamwork, strength, and critical thinking skills.

To discuss how we can collaborate and provide you or your clients with a seamless moving experience, please feel free to contact us at 704.995.0416 and we’d be delighted to provide more details, answer any questions you may have, or even set up a meeting at your convenience.

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